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"Embracing the Teardrops empowers our clients with the knowledge, resources and guidance necessary to develop a sound plan for one of life’s certainties - death."

- Patricia Myers, Founder


Embracing the Teardrops is the premiere comprehensive strategic planning firm specializing in end of life decisions. Embracing the Teardrops was created by funeral director Patricia Myers to support the needs of individuals who understand and accept the fact that they are mortal. Our goal as a company is to reduce the  confusion associated with the process of protecting our family, preserving our assets and planning our final resting place. As morbid as mortality may seem the truth is that death is certain. The reality of death is something that is universal; however, the process of preparing for it is something that is rarely done.  


“Energetic, creative, dynamic, effective and efficient are just some of the qualities that describe Pat Myers! Being a funeral director is not something she does; it is who she is! To know Pat is to know a distinctive, dynamic woman of God who gets the job done! Ms. Myers is the essence of what it is and means to be a dedicated professional in which high quality and excellence emanates from her spirit. Every client is special in her eyesight and she provides services nothing short of distinction and specialized care. Ms. Myers is the cream of the crop!” 


—  Juanita Dunbar, Associate Minister

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Phone: 845-205-2919

Address: 79 Lake Road, Unit A, Suite 357

Congers, NY 10920

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