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Our team is committed to adding value to our clients by providing them with the resources necessary to develop a coherent and comprehensive strategy regarding end of life decisions.  Our ability to provide these services comes from our industry experience, our influential network and our uncanny ability to provide solutions to our client’s challenges. The negative stigma associated with making end of life decisions is often dispelled when someone has to deal with the stress of making these decisions

for someone else in addition to the pain of losing someone close. Embracing the Teardrops understands the “Flight or Fight Theory” and thinks it applies in bereavement situations. Our belief is that decisions made in close proximity to a traumatic situation are less likely to be optimal. So, we are advocates of developing mortality strategies far in advance of needing them.  This allows clients to make thoughtful selections and eliminates the time constraints associated with the compressed time schedule that an unexpected death imposes.   Our organization raises awareness through seminars about the need for planning, provides educational material to improve knowledge, and enables our clients to complete the planning process through consultations.

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Learning Options: Online LearningHost a SeminarAttend A Workshop

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